Return to the Island: Battle for Magic

Seeing the bear and the panther threw the pirates and the card knights into a frenzy, trying to stay out of the way of the ferocious beasts, but crashed into each other instead. The Queen of Hearts and Captain Hook tried to get their men into some sort of order to fight the newcomers, but were getting nowhere. Shere Khan tried to find a vantage point to get Bagheera, who kept the tiger at bay long enough for Jim to free everyone, except Peter. Tink immediately went off in pursuit of Hook in an attempt to get the key back, Wendy not far behind. Mowgli and Shanti went to help Bagheera with Shere Khan while the rest of the boys quickly found weapons with which they began helping Jim and Baloo push back their enemies.

“Wendy!” Peter’s yell and Wendy’s scream caused Jim to turn and see the distress the girl was in. Together, Wendy and Tinkerbell had gotten the key away from Hook, but now Hook chased the poor girl around the ship, trying to get it back. The fairy was trying her best to distract the pirate long enough for Wendy to get the key to Peter, but it wasn’t working as well as she had hoped. Knocking a couple of pirates and knights over the side of the ship, Jim rushed to help distract the pirate, knowing their best chances laid with Peter being free.

“Go, quickly!” Jim yelled to Wendy as his sword clashed with Hook’s. The two swung and parried each other’s blows for several turns before Hook managed to knock Jim’s sword out of his hand and knock him down. Jim rolled out of the way as the infamous hook came slashing down and imbedded itself in the wood where Jim’s head had been. Jim lunged for his sword, ready for another fight, when he noticed Hook was no longer concerned with him. He followed Hook’s line of sight and saw Wendy freeing Peter. A cruel smile played on the pirate’s face as he released his hook from the wood.
“Peter! Wendy! Watch out!” But Jim’s warning came too late as Hook charged for the two, grabbed Wendy, and fell into the sea with his screaming captive.

“No!” Peter yelled as he dove into the sea after them. Then, everything got worse.

“Stop this right now, OR HER HEAD WILL COME OFF!” yelled the queen. Two of her cards held Alice between them while another held a sword to her neck. Jim could see Pinocchio gritting his teeth, but Jim knew everyone had already made their decision as swords and other weapons dropped to the deck. The queen grinned maliciously as her cards and the pirates quickly rounded up the children. One card brought Jim close to the queen’s sneering face. “Thought you could get away with this, eh, boy? Now that you have defied me, my verdict is this; OFF WITH ALL THEIR HEADS!” The cards and pirates cheered.

“Except for these two, if you please, Your Majesty,” Shere Khan coolly told her, indicating Mowgli and Shanti.
“Of course, of course, Hook told me you had a claim to their heads,” replied the queen casually. She turned to her captives to say something else, but was interrupted by a loud trumpet blast. “Oh, now what?” she grumbled, pushing through to get to the edge of the ship. She gasped at the sight of ships approaching.


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