Return to the Island: Wonders

Villainous laughter and childish whimpers met Peter’s ears as he looked down upon the chaos. The pirates had been dragging the children from below deck and tying most of them to the main mast. Wendy, Mowgli, Shanti, and Alice were made to sit on chairs, guarded by a very patient tiger. Peter then locked eyes with Hook who was grinning smugly at his victory and glancing between Peter and Wendy. Peter caught the unspoken hint and his blood began to boil.

“Look at him, Smee, just a child, and how I loathe children. Cut him down,” Hook ordered. One of the men closest to Peter sliced through a rope, and Peter fell to the deck, the anchor knocking some of his breath out.

“Let everyone else go, Hook,” Peter told the pirate captain.

“Of course, everyone but Mowgli and Alice can go, right after you, one by one, off the plank!” sneered Hook, pointing down the plank. A couple of pirates then grabbed Peter and tossed him onto the plank. Peter turned and crawled a ways back to the ship before he found himself staring down several blades. Just then a trumpet call echoed over the waters, followed by a shout.

“Boat ahoy! Boat ahoy! The Queen of Hearts approaches!”

“It’s about time,” Hook mumbled under his breath as a boat with the Queen, the King, a White Rabbit, and several card people neared the ship. The pirates helped the small crew hoist the boat level to the deck of the ship and get the royal party on board. “Welcome aboard the Jolly Roger, Your Majesty,” Hook said courteously, bowing to the Queen. The rest of his crew followed suit, awaiting the Queen’s orders. But Hook and Pan both watched the Queen’s eyes as she scanned the ship and lighted upon the reason for her arrival, Alice. The Queen’s face turned into an evil grin as she approached the helpless girl, all the while oblivious to everyone’s pleading.

“Well, my dear, did you think things would be different in Wonderland and that I had forgiven you for your insolence? You should know that there is only one way I settle my disputes. OFF WITH HER HEAD!” yelled the queen as two cards grabbed Alice and dragged her towards their boat.
“NO, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” shouted a voice over the din. Everyone paused as they twisted and turned, trying to find the owner of the voice.

“No one but I can say who’s head is going to be off, and once I’m done with her, YOU’RE NEXT!” the queen yelled in retaliation.

“Up here, slimeball,” the voice replied in a no-nonsense tone. Everyone looked up and saw a boy hanging from the rope ladder leading up to the crow’s nest, sword in hand.

“Jim!” shouted several young voices. Jim was soon joined by a bear, a panther, a fairy, and a cricket. “Baloo! Bagheera! Tink! Jiminy!” Jim looked into the faces of his friends, then nodded to his team and, with a yell, fell into battle, flanked by the bear while the panther rushed for the tiger, throwing the whole ship into chaos.


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