Return to the Island: Treasure Hunt

Alice grunted as she scrambled over rocks, trying to get to the cave, its gaping mouth beckoning to her. She slowed her progress as she drew closer, trying to curb her excitement in the name of caution. Though, as she found as she peeked into the cave, there was no need for caution as there was nothing in the cave but rocks and a chest. Alice still curbed her excitement as she crept towards the chest. She pushed open the lid and gasped as the gold and jewels played with the sunlight streaming in through a hole at the top of the cave. Alice gave a little squeal and was about to shout, when a thought made her pause. She reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out the whistle Hook gave her. She looked at it for a few minutes, a little debate going on in her head. No, I won’t help Hook. That whole bit about his mother was probably a lie anyway. She tossed the whistle into the water, then waited a bit before shouting with glee, “I found it! I found the treasure!” Several whoops and shouts of joy answered as the owners of the voices descended on the cave. For the second time that day, Alice found herself surrounded by her friends, jumping for joy over the find. A crow alerted them to the arrival of the final member of their party.

“Great job Alice! Who’s up for playing with the treasure?” Peter glanced around the room at the eager faces.

“Me, me!” answered a chorus of voices. They dove into the treasure, squealing and laughing, coming up with all sorts of ideas of what to do with certain objects. Several of the larger jewels were turned into balls for toss, while the girls went about playing dress-up with the various jewelry pieces. They were so busy playing that they hadn’t notice Tootles wander off a bit out of the cave and pick something up from the water. The next thing they knew, a shrill whistle startled their funtime.

“No!” screamed Alice, once she realized what Tootles had, but it was too late as cruel laughter echoed throughout the cave in answer to the whistle. Alice, Wendy, Mowgli, and Shanti were quickly grabbed and their hands were bound behind them while the rest of the children found themselves in a large canvas bag.

“Hey, let go!” yelled Peter as two pirates lassoed his wrists and began pulling him closer to the ground, where Hook was standing. With a wave of his arm, two pirates picked up the treasure chest and took it out of the cave, while two more dragged the canvas bag full of children after them. The pirates who had Wendy, Alice, Mowgli, and Shanti by the arms pulled them closer to their captain, who was locking the chains on Peter.

“Thank you, my dear, we couldn’t have done it without you,” Hook sneered at Alice.

“Alice?” Alice glanced into the eyes of her friends, and her heart sank, realizing that she would lose their trust after what she was going to say.

“But you promised not to touch them!”

“Only if you blew the whistle. If I remember correctly, it was one of the Lost Boys who blew it, not you. Oh don’t worry, we’re still going to Wonderland, it’s just that you won’t be coming back,” Hook grinned evilly. “Take them to the dinghies, we’re setting sail!” Hook’s crew cheered, and hurried up to leave.

“I thought you said you didn’t run into anyone! I thought we could trust you!” Peter growled at Alice as the two of them were made to sit in a dinghy alongside Wendy, Mowgli, and Shanti.

“I didn’t agree to the deal, but I know I shouldn’t have kept the whistle with me. I’m sorry,” Alice whispered. The rage on Peter’s face told her that he wasn’t ready to forgive her yet as the dinghies were pushed out to sea. The two then heard a gasp from Wendy, and looked up at her.

Her words were whispered to the other four captives, bringing a little hope, “Jim’s still at the cave.”


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