Return to the Island: Sharing Stories

“And if Peter Pan hadn’t found us in time, we would have all drowned in that flood. So that’s how our village came to be relocated to Neverland,” said Mowgli.

“Wow,” came a chorus of voices when Mowgli finished his narrative.
“Are Bagheera and Baloo here as well?” John asked.
“Yeah, they are, but not because of Peter Pan, it was actually all thanks to Hook that they got here,” replied Mowgli.
“Really? Was this while he was searching for the perfect animal to destroy Peter Pan?” asked Wendy.
“Yup, he came across Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan, and Kaa, and thought they were all perfect. However, Baloo told me that they landed on the mainland for supplies before heading back to Neverland, and, strangely, it was there that Hook and his men started understanding all of them. Baloo, Bagheera, and Kaa told him right away that they refused to help him, while Shere Khan said he would help in a way, but that he wouldn’t kill Peter Pan. Well, Kaa decided to stay on the mainland, while Baloo and Bagheera snuck back on board the Jolly Roger so that they could protect Peter and myself from Hook and Khan, and so, they’re here,” explained Mowgli.
“Did they find out the name of the country they landed in?” Alice asked.
“Oh, yeah, it was called Oz, and Kaa really liked how the people treated him, so that’s why he stayed. Glad to know that a friend is there, he can send help if we need it,” commented Mowgli.
“How would we send word to them that we’re in trouble?” Jim asked.
“Either a fairy or a mermaid can take the message, they’re fast,” replied Mowgli. Everyone nodded.

“Sorry it wasn’t Wonderland, Alice,” said Pinocchio.
“That’s OK, but it should be close to Oz then if the animals can talk. Animals can talk in Wonderland as well,” explained Alice.
“Well then, what are we waiting for! Let’s go find Wonderland and have an adventure!” exclaimed Peter. The group cheered.
“But we can’t, it’s practically dark out. Besides, we should all get a good night’s sleep if we’re going for an adventure,” Wendy pointed out.
“Aw, but I don’t want to go to sleep,” yawned Michael.
“You certainly sound like you need it, what with all the excitement of sneaking onto the Jolly Roger and remaining unseen until we could get off, then listening to all these stories, a good night’s sleep sounds pretty good right now,” said Jim, stretching.
“Oh, alright, fine, we’ll get some sleep, then we’ll go early in the morning. Mowgli, if you, Ranjan, Shanti, and Tiger Lily want to come with us, meet us tomorrow morning by Hangman’s Tree,” said Peter.
“We won’t miss it, See you tomorrow!” Mowgli, Ranjan, and Shanti waved to their new friends before disappearing down the secret tunnel.
“Alright everyone, time for bed. The earlier we go to sleep, the earlier we can get up and get ready for our adventure,” Wendy told the children.
“Alright!” came a chorus.
“Oh, Peter, where are we to sleep?” Wendy asked.
“Follow me, I’ll show you to the guest rooms,” said Peter, flying through the treehouse. Before long, everyone was sound asleep.

The next morning, everyone was up and about in a hurry, then they all left for Hangman’s Tree. It wasn’t long before some tan-skinned children came out to greet them.
“This is going to be great! Our first official adventure with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys!” grinned Ranjan.
“It sure is!” Mowgli grinned back.
“So, is everybody ready?” asked Peter.
“Yes!” was the unanimous response.
“Alright then, Tink, sprinkle some dust. And remember, think happy thoughts!” Soon, everyone was joining Peter in the sky, everyone, that is, except for one.



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