Return to the Island: Kidnapped!

Wendy gazed out of the window, like she did every night, hoping that he would come. She glanced back into the quiet room, everyone else was sound asleep. Before she knew it, weariness began to take over, and she drifted into a sweet slumber. However, something startled her awake for the next thing she knew she was glancing around the room before turning her attention back to the open window. She bent over the railing, hoping it was just him, playing a game as always. But then, there was a creak behind her. She whirled around, and gasped.
“Hello, Wendy,” the dark man grinned. A pirate was right behind her, gagging her, whilst another came forward with a bag.
“Sorry, about this, miss,” Mr. Smee whispered as he pulled the bag over her.
“Quickly Smee, we have to get back in time to waken the beast,” mumbled Hook as he waved out of the window. The Jolly Roger appeared from above, leveling the plank with the window. Hook walked across the plank, followed by the pirate carrying Wendy, and finally Mr. Smee.
“What is it now, Smee?” Hook turned on his first mate.
“Oh, sorry, Captain, I thought I heard something. Probably just the one of the children moving around in their sleep,” replied Smee.
“Fine, bring her up!” Hook ordered. The men set to work getting the Jolly Roger to rise back into the sky, and back to Neverland. There was a hole in the bag, giving Wendy a chance to see their progress. Before she knew it, they were landing in the sea by Mermaid’s Cove.
“I brought a little surprise for you, Peter Pan,” Hook chuckled at her side. “This is simply perfect! With Wendy as bait, we shall lure Peter Pan to his doom. Mr. Smee, summon the beast!”
“Aye, aye, Cap’n! Right away! O-oh, yo ho, another plan, to try to capture Peter Pan, Captain Hook’s a brilliant man! Who else could think of the perfect crime, and bumble and fumble it every time,” sang Smee.
“Smee!” shouted Hook, causing the first mate to stumble, sending a bucket-full of fish parts over the ship’s railing. Regaining his composure, Hook ordered, “Set the bait!” Wendy, still in the bag, was tied to the ship’s fore boom, dangling over the water. Hook set about fixing his hat, “Make no doubt, Smee, that wretched boy will be but a notch in my scabbard.”

“Only in your dreams, Hook!” shouted a voice, as Hook’s hat disappeared from the top of his head.
“Pan!” shouted Hook as a flash of green sliced through the main sail.

“Hiya Captain, did you miss me?” the redhead grinned, cutting apart Hook’s hat.
“Actually, I have something for you,” grumbled Hook.
“A present, for me? Aw, you shouldn’t have.”
“Consider it a token of me affection. It’s an old friend of yours,” sneered Hook.
“Who?” Peter asked.
“Wendy,” Hook snickered.
“Wendy!? Let her go, Hook!” Peter shouted, going after the pirate.
“Peter, it’s a trap!” shouted Wendy.
“Yes, it’s a trap, and you just walked into it, boy!” Hook threw his sword at some rope, cutting it. Wendy fell screaming into the ocean, Peter and Tinkerbell following, where the beast, a large octopus, was waiting.



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