Return to the Island: Jim’s Help

Jim tore through the forest, calling out, “Baloo! Bagheera! Baloo! Bag-ahh!”

“Bag-ahh? Never heard that nickname before, and don’t you start calling me that either, Baloo,” remarked a dark form as it gracefully jumped down from a tree and was joined by a great big bear.

“Oh, alright, Baggy, I like my nickname for you better anyway,” said the bear.

“By the way, why were you calling for us?” Bagheera turned to Jim.

“Has something happened to Mowgli?” Baloo asked, worry tinting his voice.

Jim nodded, “Hook managed to surround us and captured everyone but me. I had gotten behind some rocks right before their ambush. When I realized what was happening, it was too late, Hook and his goons had already begun sailing back to their ship.”

“Oh no, and Shere Khan has been helping Hook out, he’s probably already on the ship. We need to hurry!” exclaimed Bagheera as he took off, Baloo and Jim not far behind.

“But what can we do? We don’t have a boat!” Jim shouted as they raced through the forest. Neither Baloo nor Bagheera answered him until they reached a bay just south of the Indian encampment.

“We took some necessary precautions,” remarked Bagheera as he and Baloo pulled out a large canoe from underneath some bushes. Without another word, the trio eased the canoe into the water and got into positions.

Jim glanced out at sea and gasped, “The pirate ship is sailing away from Neverland!”

“Uh, Baggy, we might not be able to reach them in time,” remarked Baloo as Bagheera started paddling with his paws.

“Then help me paddle, you big idiot. With Jim steering, we might be able to catch up,” stated Bagheera. But despite the trio’s efforts, the pirate ship pulled further and further away from them.

“No!” shouted Jim, but since there were no oars, there wasn’t much he could do to help.

“Great Baggy, now what? This would have only worked if the pirate ship stayed still. Not to mention we have no clue where they are going,” remarked Baloo.

“Maybe we can help with that,” said a voice.

“Jiminy! Mary!” exclaimed Jim, looking over the side of the boat.

The mermaid giggled, “It’s Mayre, Jim, glad to see you too.”

“Oh, sorry, Mayre. Where did you find Jiminy?” Jim asked, taking the cricket from her.

“In the ocean, where the pirate ship was anchored,” she replied.

“How did that happen?” asked Bagheera.

“Well, the children already noticed that you weren’t with us, Jim, so they asked me to find you and see if we could get help. I jumped out of Pinocchio’s pocket as they were getting the children out of that canvas bag, and quickly found a place to hide, so I could hear as much of their plans as possible before I jumped overboard. A good thing too, otherwise I would have missed a vital piece of information,” explained Jiminy.

“What’s that?” asked Baloo.

“None of the children are to be harmed until they’ve reached Wonderland,” replied Jiminy. Jim gasped, causing the others to glance at him.

“Why Wonderland?” Bagheera asked.

“Alice has been in Wonderland before,” muttered Jim.

“What? Your friend Alice is the girl who’s been to Wonderland? This is worse than I thought,” exclaimed Mayre.

“How so?” Jim asked, a look of concern on his face.

“The Queen of Hearts still wants her head!” exclaimed Mayre.

Jim’s eyes grew wide, “We have got to reach that ship before they reach Wonderland!”

“But how are we going to do that? Baggy and I can barely keep up,” remarked Baloo.

“I have an idea. Have some rope tied to the stern of the boat and have it ready to toss to me when I get back!” exclaimed Mayre before she dove into the sea. Jim grabbed the coil of rope and set to work, with some help from Jiminy. When Mayre’s red head broke the surface of the ocean a little while later, everything was set. She took the rope and dove again, resurfacing a few minutes later. “Some friends of mine will pull you all the way to Wonderland. It will take all night, but at least you can get some sleep and be ready to fight them. I’m going to see if some of my other friends can help. I better get going, I’ll see you in Wonderland!” With that, she took off, Jim watching her form disappear into the water.

“Nice girl,” remarked Jiminy.

“Yeah, she is,” remarked Jim absent-mindedly. Not another word could be said for then the boat lurched forward and Mayre’s friends pulled the boat in chase of the Jolly Roger. Before long, darkness fell and one by one, were rocked to sleep. One thought passed through Jim’s mind as his eyelids responded to the call of sleep. Hang on, guys, we’re on our way.


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