An Unexpected Journey: Something Peculiar

“How could she do something like this?” Pippin asked his mother, after he finished reading the letter she had handed him.

“Oh Pippin, you know how much Pearl loved Frodo, she would do anything to be with him. And apparently she knows him even better than Sam does for she guessed at his plans and intentions long before you had even a clue to them. Do not worry about her now; she is in a much better place. She will be happy. Did we not wish the best for her? This can very well be the best she can have. Now, it is late and it has been a very long day. I think a good night’s rest will do us all some good, so don’t stay up too late.”

Eglantine stooped over and kissed her son’s head before heading to her room. Once she left Pippin let out a long, sad sigh and a few tears fell. First Frodo, and now this! How could Pearl do this to them? She was very close to him, and he to her. But his mother was right, as usual. Pearl had only done this because of Frodo. I guess I know what Sam is going through, he thought to himself. They both lost someone who was a very big part of their lives, and they would feel the loss more than others. He sighed again, rose from his chair and walked rather slowly to his room. Before crawling into bed, he reread the letter Pearl left still contemplating the fact that he would never get to see his beloved sister again. He finally crawled into bed and falling asleep almost instantly. It had been a long day, and there might be many more before he could get over the fact that his sister was gone.

Frodo was helping Bilbo get to the galley of the ship when Gandalf stepped in front of them with a rather stern look on his face. They had been traveling for weeks now and the seas were very peaceful, but the look on Gandalf’s face suggested that some misfortune had befallen them.

“What’s wrong, Gandalf?” asked Frodo.

“The chefs have noted that there has been some food disappearing from their kitchen. I do not believe that either of you have stolen anything, but I must investigate into this matter for it seems that a Hobbit is the top suspect considering the evidence we found,” acknowledged Gandalf.

“What evidence?” slowly asked Frodo.

“They found Hobbit prints in the flour, the amount of food that was stolen was enough for a Hobbit, and some food was found in one of the back rooms. One chef also claimed to have seen the culprit leave the kitchen. Now, the one of the things that puzzles me is that she said saw a skirt and, well, you don’t have any skirts,” continued Gandalf, with a twinkle in his eyes. “Also, some of the chores have been done when the Elves’ backs were turned, and they were done quite well and rather quickly considering the amount of time the Elves had their backs turned. They were actually wondering if the lass is half Elf and half Hobbit at the speed she was going,” chuckled Gandalf.

Frodo’s eyes began to widen, there was only one hobbit lass who could have done that and that was Pearl. Was she actually on board the ship? Did his wish come true? He had to find out.

“Gandalf, I know of only one lass who could do something like that and that would be . . . Pearl Took,” said Frodo, with a longing in his eyes. He glanced up at Gandalf and said, “It has to be her, she’s the only one who could have done the chores as quick as an Elf and who would have figured me out long before Sam. But . . . will the Elves allow her to come with us, Gandalf? I would enjoy the company and she can help with Bilbo,” he continued, pleadingly.

“We will need to talk with Elrond, Galadriel, and Celeborn about that. Not to mention we will have to persuade the lass to come out of her hiding place. How about this; after lunch we go find this lass and bring her to them to discuss the prospect of her staying in the Undying Lands,” suggested Gandalf.

“We’d better hurry since we Hobbits can hide very well and she can have more than one hiding place on this ship,” said Frodo.

“Yes, and we don’t always need a magic ring to help us disappear into thin air,” agreed Bilbo, winking at Frodo. “And while you two are searching for the girl, I’ll be getting the Elves into the council room and bringing them up to date on all this. Now let’s get to lunch, I’m starving and I can’t think on an empty stomach!”

They continued on into the galley, not realizing that their conversation was heard by someone who was thinking about what she would need to do when they came looking for her.I hope all goes well she thought, I’m getting tired of hiding. She went to her room to think things over on how to present herself and her case to the Elves. She went to the closet and pulled out her favorite dress. Instead of giving them such a hard time in finding me and making this harder for everyone, I’ll just wait here. She quickly changed . . . and waited.


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