An Unexpected Journey: Epilogue

My dear Sam,

A whole three years has passed since we have landed on a little island off the shores of the Undying Lands. It is called Tol Eressea, it means “Lonely Isle” but I do not think we shall be very lonely here. Bilbo is of a mind to change its name since he feels that it does not suit the island at all and has asked the Elves if we could change it. They have not given us a reply as of yet, but we have thought of names in the meantime. Gandalf tends to the wants and needs that must come from the mainland, for instance the ability to send you letters. However I can only send one at a time, so could you please tell the Tooks that Pearl is safe and that she is with Bilbo and me on Tol Eressea? Also Pearl and I are married, we have a little girl named Arwen, and we are expecting our second child. We have two boy names picked out, Samwise and Aragorn, and two girl names, Primula and Niphredil. We are waiting to see what the child looks like before we make a final decision on the name. We are sending some photographs as well so that you can see how little Arwen looks. Please be sure to let King Elessar and Queen Arwen know of this as well and to let them know that Elrond sends his love.

How have you, Rosie, and the little ones been doing? How has Merry and, in particular, Pippin been doing as well as all our friends? Please tell us all that has happened for Bilbo is interested in hearing as well. I must finish this soon for Gandalf will be departing to make sure this letter gets to you and Pearl needs my help with setting the table and taking care of Bilbo and Arwen. Arwen has taken quite a liking to Bilbo and he to her, he enjoys telling her bedtime stories every night. Pearl makes sure that there is nothing scary in those tales for she doesn’t want Arwen to have nightmares. Arwen is only two right now, so I’m sure you and Rosie would understand. Bilbo wants to be around for when Arwen is older for he wants to tell her about our adventures and the reason why we are on this island. I do hope he lives long enough to tell all of our children those stories. I do not think he will last too much longer, he is in his hundreds after all and has lived to a nice ripe age. Gandalf thinks that Bilbo only has five more years to live, if that much.

Well I must be off for there is still much to do. I am feeling much better since we have arrived and am looking forward to the many years I have with my wife and children. I hope that one day you too will come to our island home and end the rest of your days in peace.

Your dearest friends,

Frodo and Pearl Baggins

Bilbo Baggins

Gandalf the White


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