Well, Luke and Leyla spent a few weeks with her grandmother before the three of them went to Sand Valley, Luke’s hometown. Quite the journey from the northwest corner of Elysia to about the middle of Thule, takes about four weeks on horseback, five weeks by carriage. What, did you think Luke was lying about being from Thule? He had every reason to be worried, he couldn’t tell a good lie even if he wanted to, so it’s probably a good thing he didn’t know about there being garlic and rosemary also on the lamb or the rowanberries in the apple pie. He knew about the garlic and the rosemary on the potatoes, but not the lamb. Anyway, Luke and leyla were married in good time and havea place just outside of Sand Valley. Leyla inherited Akebiall, but since she had no use for it, gave it to Peregrine who turned it into a hotel. The Silver Key is still open, but Akebiall is Peregrine’s main attraction. After all, it really pays to know a genie who can enchant a castle and make it seem haunted. And as for the genie, well, let’s just say I’m always ready to lend a helping hand. Though Peregrine would say that annoying others is more like it, at least he was wrong, Luke was all rainbows and sunshine after meeting Leyla. Still is, when I last saw them. Oh, a couple more things, if candlesticks seem to throw themselves at you when they’ve never done it before for over six years, you’ll know a genie’s behind it. And as for the other men who tried to lift the curse of Akebiall, well, they’re all fine, even the ones who were about to be turned into vampires by the vempousi. They’ll have nightmares every now and then, but they’re fine for the most part. Well, I hope you won’t have any nightmares tonight, but, then again, scary things always happen in Ivy Hollow. You never know if you could be a part of one of the many stories circulating through the gossip in town. Anyway, farewell and, uh, watch you back, you never know what could be lurking in the shadows. Good luck.


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