The Prophecy

You will know the end of the slumber is near
When the chosen people fight their way here;
To the center spire of Amanye they will come,
And with them comes the Andenti and a new sun.
They will arise when it seems the dekumi are in control
Of every city and lake, and every mind and soul.
The red lady fights for others with her heart and fire
Searching for a love that is ever so higher.
Trees respond to the touch of the green lady
Who warms them with her heart full of purity.
Electricity surrounds the lady in pink
Revealing the wisdom in the way she thinks.
The lord in blue is cared for by the light of the sun
And can create friendships with just about everyone.
Metal covers the body of the orange lord
Who has by his side both courage and sword.
Water rushes towards the lord in white
Whose faithfulness is established at first sight.
Ice bends at the will of the purple lord
Whose thirst for knowledge absorbs every word.
The lady in mauve controls the earth, dirt and sand;
Her kindness spreading across the land.
The yellow lord reigns over wind and air
Letting his hope expand and reach everywhere.
These nine elements and nine virtues must unite
In order for all to rise victorious from the fight.


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