Musing on Music

Music is magic for the ears
Music can bring us to tears
Music is a language all by itself
Music can help when times are tough
With a little tap from the conductor’s baton
Come the first notes of the orchestra’s song.
The melody rises into the air like a mighty bird
Conveying meaning and emotions without a word.
The tune goes up and down to stay in the air
Like the wings of a bird, to get everywhere.
It feels like the music is taking us for a ride
To magical places, though we’re still inside.
To let our minds soar with such beauty is a God-send,
But, as with all things, even this journey must end.
As the orchestra reaches the end of its symphony,
So too our minds come to the conclusion of a journey;
And even though the music is bringing us back in
It leaves us with a sense of peace from within.


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