A Wolf’s Values

“What’s wrong with him? Doesn’t he want any friends?” they all say.
The lone wolf, the outsider, call him what they may
They cannot get to the heart of the matter
If all they can do is make him sadder.
He sees what is wrong in their groups
Which makes him not want to be in the loop
They keep on saying that they’ve got it all good
But he knows that things aren’t as they should.
He knows that wolves stick together through thick and thin
Even to the point that they might lose everything.
That is what he thinks of as friends
Those people who’ll stick with you till the end.
That’s the reason why he’s here all alone
He knows that these people think that they’re strong
But in reality will turn their back on a friend
Just to get what they want in the end.

The Digivolutions of Gabumon


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