Before I post anything about the deities I want to give you a few terms that I created for their race so that when I use these terms you won’t be too confused when you see them. 😀

Densi – the name of their race, which is divided into three sub-groups

Andenti – These are the ones we call the gods and goddesses; they are basically very powerful versions of superheroes. They can also “live” inside humans and whoever has an andenti “living” within them can use the andenti’s powers, but only for good intentions. The andenti can communicate with their “hosts” (called sosuti) via their minds and can take over the sosuti’s body if needed.

Utomo – Male               Donsei – Female

Prodecti – These are my own, original characters who are as powerful as the Andenti but can’t “live” in a human like the Andenti can. However, they do  have the ability to shape-shift into whatever they want, something the Andenti can’t do (though they have their favorite images). 😀

Gaudreni – These are the “monster” heroes; Godzilla (when they get him) and Leviathan (lovingly nicknamed Levi :D) are the major two in this category as there are very few to begin with. They can change their sizes and can use the elements (Levi and Zilla can both use fire). As with Godzilla, the Andenti and Prodecti can take any creature and turn them into Gaudreni, but it takes a long time and lots of energy and power so they try to do it as little as possible (their energy and power are restored after some time but they do have enemies who would attack them when they are vulnerable).

The Andenti I’m working with are Italian/Roman, Greek, Japanese, Polynesian/Hawaiian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and two new categories I’ve created for them; Spanish (the children of the Roman and the Greek) and Philippine (the children of the Japanese and the Polynesian). There are 12 families that represent the first six categories, 9 for the Spanish and 6 for the Philippine. There are more families, but those are the major ones that are featured in my stories (and the more recognizable from our world :D).

The first six categories all live on one continent called Avana and each are assigned to one of the six countries that are on the continent. The other two categories are assigned to two countries on a different continent called Taseni. I will put the name of the country that each group of Andenti is assigned to when I write about each culture. This is only an introduction to the world of the Andenti, there is far too much about them that will require more than one post to cover it all. 😀

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the enemies, that will be covered in another post (I’m still working out a few kinks with them so it might take a while).  🙂

Edit: I forgot to put in a few things; first of all the male names will be in bold letters while the female names will be in italics so you can tell the difference between them and if you see this symbol (/) between two of them that means they’re twins. Secondly, I will not be adding the attributes for each individual deity (i.e. Venus is the patroness  of Love and Beauty) in the post about each group of families and the country they are assigned to, that would be just way too much to type.  I know that there will be several names that you will not recognize so I might dedicate one whole post per family (I will have to add more categories and maybe more pages for that, but that should keep me busy for a while; yeah, 12 x 7 = 84 . . . lol, told ya there would be more posts for ideas than anything else  :D).


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