Alright!!! I have figured out what I want to do with the genres. The page for that has been updated so if you want to look at it now you can! I have decided to do Folktale instead of Horror because I am more likely to do Folktale than Horror (I cannot write very good Horror stories, I’m  more of the happy-go-lucky type than anything; I’m having problems with my Mystery story right now, but that will be the closest I will ever get to Horror of any kind). Also, I think the closest I have ever gotten to being terrified of anything were the “Weeping Angels” (I call them the Stone Demons, if you watch the Dr. Who episodes “Blink”, “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh & Stone” you’ll see what I mean; here’s the thing, “Blink” is so good that I’ll go back and watch it again :D).

Anyway, I’ve made my decision concerning the genres (finally!) and will try to move on to other things now. I will start with  the deities that I’ve talked about earlier along with my autumn poems and I might be adding some posts about my life (it’s looking quite certain at this point). Looking forward to it and I hope you are too (I’ve worked on the deities for years now, it’s my pride and joy :D)!!


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