Hello everybody!! I’m new on WordPress, but I hope to learn everything about it as quickly as possible (so I don’t make many mistakes 😀 ). Anyway, I want this blog to be mainly about creative writing in general and my progress in some of my stories, poems and will post some of the ideas that I have (I have plenty, trust me, you’ll probably get more posts about ideas than progress on any of my stories 😀 ).

Now, you might be wondering about all the references to plants. Well, I do like plants a lot and I thought it would be interesting to have each genre of story represented by a rose color, each genre of poetry represented by one kind of vine, and, I guess, each kind of idea represented by a seed. Which with which will be in my next post so that when I say “Oh, this is this color rose”, you’ll know what I’m talking about (though I might go back and forth between the genre and the plant).

After I’ve gotten all the story genres, poetry genres and idea “genres” paired up with their respectful plants I will start posting about some ideas about  “gods and goddesses”  that I’ve had over the years and what I have for them right now. Expect to be surprised because everything about them are not the same as you’ve heard about them for years and years (I think that if the ancient cultures that these deities are from could see this; they’d either kill me for this “sacrilege” or be fascinated by this new take on them, I’d prefer the latter, thank you very much :D). I hope that you will be fascinated by this new take on the deities of old as well as many of my other posts.


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